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This is my debut into the world of cookbooks! Since I was a young girl I have collected cookbooks from all over the world. Who would have thought this Sassy Mama would write her own. I share all of my “go-to” recipes I use all year long.  Just the recipes I love to make for the ones I love. These recipes are easy to make and are sure to become family favorites! Nothing too complicated. Just simple classics that will take your meals from blah to wow!


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  1. I have misplaced the recipe you made on channel 9 for “spiced apple slices”. Could you possibly send me the recipe ingredients? I know how to make it. I appreciate your help. May you have a blessed Christmas. Jo

  2. Beverly Freeland says:

    I want the recipe for the red velvet molten cakes that you made on news 9 to day Feb. 10

  3. I’ve ordered two cookbooks about a week ago I was wondering ho long Iit takes?

  4. linda Hill says:

    I ordered your cookbook about 2 and a half weeks ago, and haven’t received it , I ordered the one where you sign it. I hope its not lost, it’s already been charged on my credit card!

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