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Take Out at Home


After ordering Chinese takeout last weekend I was a little disgusted at how little we received for what we paid. I guess it doesn’t help things that I know a lot about food. Prices. Preparation times. So, I decided to try and master few of our takeout favorites at home. Chinese is one of the […]

South of the Border


Mexican food is a favorite at my house! The crew was getting a little tired of the same old Taco Tuesdays so they begged me for a new delicious twist on one of their favorites, chili rellenos. Normally to make proper, authentic chili rellenos it takes hours of cooking. Well not anymore with this super […]

It may be freezing outside but there is still way to bring the sun inside! Eat oranges. They are in season and so delicious. Go to any grocery right now and you will see a multitude of varieties. Naval, blood orange, mandarin, honeybell, etc! The varieties are endless and so are their flavors! Here is […]


Year in Review


It is the last evening of 2014 and I cannot help but think about what a fun year it has been. It has been a lot of work but fun all the same. My family and I had oh so many adventures, changes, challenges and touching moments. Every year I make a “yearbook” on Shutterfly […]

New Year’s Nibbles and Mocktails


Here are my go to recipes for New Year’s Eve! Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to have your blackened peas on New Years Day! Wishing everyone a very safe and prosperous New Year! Everything Cheeseball 6 ounces cream cheese, softened 1.5 cups finely grated extra sharp cheddar 1 green onion, thinly sliced 1/2 cup bacon […]

Homemade Snow Globe and Silky Hand Scrubs


One of my favorite things to do is unwrapping my snow globes! They instantly take me back to when I got them. So, I had a great idea to make our own snow globes. They are simple to make. Guaranteed to make memories! In fact, tonight for Christmas Eve, we are all going to make […]

Gifts in a Mason Jar

Mint Chocolate Cookies in a Jar 1 box Dark Chocolate Cake Mix 1 bag Andes Mint Baking Chips 1 quart size Wide Mouth Mason Jar In your large mason jar, first pour the cake mix and then the mint baking chips on top. Place the lid on and now it is time to decorate the […]

Perfect Gifts for Teens

Jello Lip Gloss 1 package jello (flavor is your choice!) 1 large tub petroleom jelly Round lip gloss jars (I found mine at Michael’s in the jewelry department) Fill a saucepan 1/4 full with water and heat. Place all of the petroleom jelly in a mason jar. Place the mason jar in the simmering water. […]

Taste of the Holidays


This weekend I was baking cookies for the kids to fill their tins to take to school. I came across my cookie press. These were my Mom’s holiday cookies she made every year during the holidays. However, since her passing, I really could not stomach making or seeing these little cookies. Well, this year I felt […]