• Dollar Dinner Week
  • School Lunch Re-do

Dollar Dinner Week

Now that the kids are back in school, Mom’s and Dad’s can take a deep breathe….until they ask “what’s for dinner.” Luckily, I have some simple and cost effective dinners that are sure to thrill your crew. I am sharing a few videos of me preparing these at News9. News9.com – Oklahoma City, OK – […]

School Lunch Re-do


It is official! School is back in session! That means homework, school sports, dances, activities and SACK LUNCHES. If you are like me I start the year organized and ready to pack those lunches. However by the end of the year I am begging them to eat at school. I realized that they hated not […]

Pizza Time


If you have ever been to NY then I am sure you have had a “slice.” Pizza is a staple of the NY food scene. You will be inundated with everyone that they have the best “slice.” There will be $.99 slices everywhere you turn. So what do you do when you get home and […]

Peachy Keen

I can’t help but think of my Uncle Phil when I think of peaches. I guess it is because he is from Georgia. A true southern gentleman through and through. So, I decided to take these fuzzy fruits and try to do something a little bit unusual. How about in a savory salad. Peaches add […]

Steak and Potato Re-do


  If you asked me as a kid what my favorite meal was I would quickly answer, “steak and potatoes.” I don’t know if it was because I never ate steak unless it was my birthday or because I loved it. As an adult I have had my share of steaks. So many of them […]

The Flavors of Vacation


Just because you are home now does not mean that you have to leave all of the unique and delicious flavors back on vacation. Bring them home with you! That way you can enjoy a little taste of paradise right in your own kitchen. This year we went literally all over the US and the […]

Puppy Love


If you follow me on any of my social media accounts you know that I love animals! My heart is partial to cats but who cannot love a puppy dog? I loved one with all of my heart. When Jack and I were first married we adopted a sweet Lab Mix that we named Kitty […]

Fresh Summer Flavors


Summer is all about simple living. Fresh made meals with what is in season. I like to use what I buy at the farmers markets or at Braum’s Fresh Market (they always have fresh produce). Simple ingredients with HUGE flavors! I dare you to give these a try. Warning…they are going to require you to venture […]

Make Ahead Meals


Well, we are in the full swing of summer. I am loving it but find myself being so lazy in the kitchen. By the time dinner rolls around I put my family into a” fend for yourself” formation. That only makes for a chaotic evening of everyone asking where is this or that. So, I […]