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Puppy Love


If you follow me on any of my social media accounts you know that I love animals! My heart is partial to cats but who cannot love a puppy dog? I loved one with all of my heart. When Jack and I were first married we adopted a sweet Lab Mix that we named Kitty […]

Fresh Summer Flavors


Summer is all about simple living. Fresh made meals with what is in season. I like to use what I buy at the farmers markets or at Braum’s Fresh Market (they always have fresh produce). Simple ingredients with HUGE flavors! I dare you to give these a try. Warning…they are going to require you to venture […]

Make Ahead Meals


Well, we are in the full swing of summer. I am loving it but find myself being so lazy in the kitchen. By the time dinner rolls around I put my family into a” fend for yourself” formation. That only makes for a chaotic evening of everyone asking where is this or that. So, I […]

Summertime Frozen Pies


Every summer I find myself wanting a dessert but there is only requirement. It must be COLD. I actually prefer FROZEN! It is like cooling yourself from the inside. So, this weekend I had the honor of helping emcee the Tuttle Ice Cream Festival’s ice cream eating contest. It was crazy hot and humid! However, […]

Father’s Day Burgers


This week I am celebrating all of the Daddy’s out there! I am so blessed to be married to a man who takes being a Daddy very seriously! He loves, plays and parents our children with everything he has to offer. When I married Jack over 20 years ago,  I was thinking about me. Our […]

Mom you were right….


My mom, Frances Walker, passed away over 10 years ago. There is not a Mother’s Day since that I do not ache for her. However, I have learned to pull up my big girl panties and be the Mom my Momma would have wanted me to be. So in these times when I am filled […]

For Mom…

3 generations2

In honor of Mother’s Day I am sharing 2 recipes that remind me of my Mommy. Anytime we were having a special breakfast she would make Monkey Bread. Mom would mix it up depending on the holiday. Sometimes she would add jams, cream cheese, nuts, coconut, or chocolate. You just never knew what you would […]

Take-In Instead of Take-Out


Now, I am not going to say that I don’t love takeout but what I do not like is the price and the teensy portions. When you are feeding 2 teenagers, quantity is a must. So, through the years I have figured out ways to make great Chinese dishes at home. Honestly you can make […]

Breakfast is for Memories


Every year I am struck with being so sentimental when I see the prom and senior pictures and watching my friends who have seniors prepare for graduation. I can’t help but be overcome with memories of my own children. I think often of the things we have done together, meals we have shared and all […]