Breakfast for Dinner

Looking for a simple Breakfast for dinner meal…then this one is super simple! Looks like you have done a lot when all you have done is toss it together. Sit back and help those kiddos with homework while it cooks! Tomato Quiche 6 eggs, slightly beaten 1 cup Braum’s whipping cream 1 (9-inch) pie crust, […]

One Bowl Fall Treats


Fall time means baking at my house! In fact, last night my daughter just whipped up a quick batch of pumpkin bread. Instantly my house smelled like the best fall candle money could buy. No need for candles when you can bake the real thing! Here are two of my bestie easiest one bowl baking […]

This Season’s Best Tailgate Food

It is time to dust off your foam finger and get your pom moms ready! Football season kickoff on Thursday and for many High Schools this weekend. I am a football mom. I carry that title with much pride. It is my job to keep my “player” well rested, energized to play on Friday nights […]

Dinner in a Flash


This time every year it takes me some time to get back in the swing of things. Hard to go from the lazy days of summer to chasing the kids around with their crazy schedules! Dinner many times is caught on the fly rather than us sitting together. So, I am getting a head start […]

Never Too Hot For Ice Cream


As I look out of the my windows today it looks gorgeous, but once I open the door I am hit with a blast of hot air. It feels like I am living in a dryer. I am not one to complain because I know once winter is here I will wish for this warm […]