• Thanksgiving Side Dish Stars
  • Frozen Holiday

Thanksgiving Side Dish Stars


Ahh..the poor side dishes. Growing up we had the same things year after year on our Thanksgiving meal. Mom never branched out and tried new things. Well, I am a little like her but then I like to introduce a new dish every year. I have had some big hits and other have been epic […]

Frozen Holiday


I know we are getting ready to go into a deep freeze but I am here to share with you some delicious recipes that will warm you up! The secret is Braum’s Holiday Ice Cream! I know…how can that be? Well, yesterday morning I woke up, made my coffee and then realized I was out […]

Classics Redone

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Every winter in fall we all suffer from the same food ruts. Those are the dishes we make week after week. The same way over time simply because we do not know any other way to fix our favorites. I grew up where my Mom brutalized stew. It was the greasiest worst stuff ever! In […]

Candy Making 101


Halloween is the ultimate candy holiday. I remember as a kid trick or treating for hours all so I could fill my plastic pumpkin to the top with CANDY! I also have many fond memories of making candy with my Mom. Popcorn balls were a staple around the holidays and learning how to make them […]

Sweetest Breakfast Ever


Year ago while working in Savannah, I came across candied bacon in a bar. Yes, a bar. Instead of beer nuts they had mason jars filled with sticks of candied bacon. I am not a drinker but I did belly up to the bar and order a Diet Coke just so I could nibble on […]

Creepy Halloween Treats


Spicy Zombie Dogs 1 package Schwab’s jalapeño cheddar smoked sausage 1 can refrigerated pizza dough Preheat oven to 425 degrees. To make the zombie: cut a 1/4 inch wide slit down the side of each sausage for the arms. Then cut a 1 1/2 inch slit down the center of the sausage for the legs. […]

Classy Halloween Dinner


It seems like all of the Halloween foods are so gross right now. All of the pictures I see on Pinterest and in magazines is of bloody fingers, wormy foods and even jiggly brains. Now, I love that but sometimes you want to host a less grotesque version of a Halloween dinner. Here is my […]

Soup and Sandwich Kind of Day


People ask me all the time if I make gourmet dinners every night. Well, NO. I am a mom, wife and working gal who is many times chasing my tail just like you! I do try to feed my family healthy non processed things when we are at home. Now that does not mean gourmet. […]



Today it is cold, rainy and dreary. Nothing gets me in a better mood than the smell of apples cooking and a big hot mug of apple cider. Simple really. Here are 2 super easy recipes you can make with very little fuss and probably have all of the ingredients in your pantry! Just waiting […]