• Quest for the Best Doughnut
  • Laundry Beads Are Not Just for the Laundry

Quest for the Best Doughnut


My job has me traveling a lot. I make it my unofficial “job” to scour each town or country looking for the “best” that they have to offer. I read all of the articles, lists and other bloggers opinions. Then like Mecca I make the trek to see what all the rage is about. Well, [...]

Laundry Beads Are Not Just for the Laundry


Ever wonder how to get rid of musty odors? I have battled this with motor homes, campers, boats and even lake homes. Plugins work for about a month, aerosols are a quick fix and potpourri dries out. Well, here is my new favorite product to combat those stale odors! Gain Moonlight Breeze Scent Boosters http://m.ilovegain.com/scent-boosters/moonlight-breeze-fireworks [...]

Summer’s Sweet Corn


Oh sweet summer! We love the slow paced days, afternoons spent poolside and then the simplicity of corn. I know that sounds silly that I equate summer’s sweetness to corn but that is probably because you are still eating canned corn! Now is the time to go to your local Farmer’s Markets and raid side [...]

Salads in a Jar


If I have learned one true thing from my Grandma, it is that BALL Mason Jars are the best storage container ever! I use them to hold everything from crafting supplies to salads! I mean GREEN salads. The jars chill and keep the salad perfectly CRISP for up to a WEEK! Make up multiple jars [...]

Super Kid in the Kitchen


I may be biased since I started at a very young age…but teaching your children to cook is crucial to their development. Some kiddos might be happy just knowing how to bake cookies while others brains will expand and you will awaken something creative inside of your child! With that said, I encourage everyone to [...]

Red White And Yum


This week I am focused on making my 4th of July menu easy delicious and fuss free! Here are 2 easy desserts that are sure to make your guests fired up! Firecracker Cookies 2 packages Braum’s Snickerdoodle cookies* 2 containers vanilla frosting Red/ Blue food coloring 2 packages Pop Rock Candy Divide the frosting into [...]

Icebox Pies


Yesterday when I was cooking, Caytie asked me what I was making and I said “icebox” pies. Her next question was , “what is an icebox?” Well, I quickly explained the history of refrigeration and then told her that these pies do not require baking. No need to heat up the house just to make [...]

South of the Border


It is summer time and I can’t help but dream about our family adventures to Mexico. We have had some doozies through the years. We have seen fake Aztec ruins in Cozumel (we did get to sit on a donkey though!). Taken crazy Jeep adventures and have gotten to witness my 15 year old son [...]

Lemon Love Affair


If you love a certain “colossal”cookie then this is the one for you! Perfect amount of lemon chewy yumminess! Easy to make and is sure to please the lemon lover in your life! Lemon Drop Cookies 2/3 cup shortening (Crisco) 2/3 unsalted butter, softened 1 package lemon pudding 1 1/2 cups sugar 2 eggs zest [...]