• Perfect Gifts for Teens
  • Taste of the Holidays

Perfect Gifts for Teens

Jello Lip Gloss 1 package jello (flavor is your choice!) 1 large tub petroleom jelly Round lip gloss jars (I found mine at Michael’s in the jewelry department) Fill a saucepan 1/4 full with water and heat. Place all of the petroleom jelly in a mason jar. Place the mason jar in the simmering water. […]

Taste of the Holidays


This weekend I was baking cookies for the kids to fill their tins to take to school. I came across my cookie press. These were my Mom’s holiday cookies she made every year during the holidays. However, since her passing, I really could not stomach making or seeing these little cookies. Well, this year I felt […]

The Gift of a Good Meal

There is really no better gift than a home cooked meal. Maybe it is just me, but I would prefer an incredible meal with great fellowship over jewelry or perfume. The simple gift of sharing a meal with someone many times touches their soul. Food is the great equalizer…with all of that said, cooking does […]

Christmas Candy and Cookies

Me and my Mommy

Checking the mail today I received 2 different cookie/candy swap party invites! That is so exciting yet a little daunting. Each year I always bring my rocky road fudge but try to add something new. So, I broke out my Mom’s cookbooks and recipe box. (Remember those….little boxes that set on every counter growing up […]

Holiday Baking


Well, it is official! It is Christmas time. The music is playing in the background every where you go, people are ringing bells and you have never been more stressed. Here is the good news, I am going to help you all month with EASY recipes, tips, crafts and ideas to make your holiday so […]

Turkey Day Leftover


This is a dandy of a recipe to use leftover ham that is sure to make everyone in your house so happy! It is easy and perfect for sitting around and watching football. All you need is some hash browns and leftover Schwab’s ham (my personal favorite). The rest is just pantry items! Cowboy Casserole […]

Turkey Day Desserts

It seems like yesterday that I was standing in the kitchen next to my Grandma as she taught me “how to make a Thanksgiving feast.” It took 2 days of long hard work. Grandma is very detailed oriented. She makes all of her own pie crusts, fillings and hand cuts every herb and spice. In […]

Holiday Classics Everyone Should Make


If you live in fear of preparing the “meats” for Thanksgiving then let me help you! First of all…get a Schwab’s Spiral Sliced Honey Ham or a Smoked Turkey. That way they are pre-cooked and really takes the fear of total failure out of your meal. The second hint is that with a little “dolling […]

Thanksgiving Side Dish Stars


Ahh..the poor side dishes. Growing up we had the same things year after year on our Thanksgiving meal. Mom never branched out and tried new things. Well, I am a little like her but then I like to introduce a new dish every year. I have had some big hits and other have been epic […]