• Quickie Pasta Dinner Plus a Treat
  • Pumpkin Roll Re-Done

Quickie Pasta Dinner Plus a Treat


If you are like me then you can feel the holiday season all around you. In years past I became so stressed! Worried about if I had done this or that. Did I remember to give so and so their gift? Are the kids school activities taken care of…You know what I am going through! […]

Pumpkin Roll Re-Done


We have all seen the beautiful pumpkin rolls and the spiral servings it provides. I have always been in awe of this cake. My creative mind cannot fathom how to “roll” a cake and then fill it. Here is the good news…I have mastered it. Honestly there are just a few tricks to ensure success. […]

Pie Time


I would like to tell you that my favorite food at Thanksgiving is the turkey or maybe the fresh vegetable dishes but I would be lying. I LOVE THE PIES!!!! They make me swoon. There are so many varieties to pick from! The one constant in a good pie is the crust. There are many […]

Twists on a Classic

Oh the elusive cranberry! This little tart berry is a staple on the American holiday table. When we think of this berry did you know that it is actually one of the original items found at the 1st Thanksgiving? Cranberries have always been on my table. Grandma taught me to make them 5 days before […]

Turkey Day Printable Checklist


Are you already feeling a little stressed that Thanksgiving will be her in no time? Well, I created a checklist to help you get ready. No need to stress if you keep this list handy. Print and post on your refrigerator…that way it is close! Thanksgiving Checklist

Fall Baking


Holiday baking takes me back to my Grandma and Mom’s kitchen every year. I immediately can’t help but think of Grandma’s harvest gold KitchenAid Mixer and her very detailed instructions on how to properly cream sugar and butter. She was gentle but firm. A new treat for my house is Pepper Nut Cookies. I have […]

Fall in One Bite


Savory Brown Butter Bread Pudding 1 loaf Italian herb french bread, cut into 1 inch cubes 2 cups butternut squash, cubed 1 small yellow onion, sliced thin 1 stick Braum’s unsalted butter 2 tablespoon fresh sage, torn 3 cloves garlic, diced 1 cup gruyere cheese, grated 2 cups whole milk 6 large eggs, beaten 1/4 […]

Halloween Fun


Growing up as a kid in Bartlesville, Halloween was huge. I lived in a neighborhood filled with kids and we all started talking about “what we were going to be” months before Oct. 31st. I was blessed to have a Mom who hand sewed all of my costumes. When I was little I was the […]

Happy Anniversary Kelly!

Today we celebrate Kelly Ogle’s 25 years at News9. So, in honor of Kelly I am cooking 2 of his favorite things. When I asked what his favorite meal is he responded, “I really like Mexican food!” Then I asked what is his favorite cake…he responded with white cake and chocolate frosting. That made me […]